Tarmac sentimental

Hamburg – Marseille – Hamburg
Text „La capsule intermédiaire“ and playlist on cassette
Translation of the text with Zoé Ledoux
I would like to thank HFBK Hamburg and the BWFGB for their support.
2021 – 2022

What happens if I take a work from one place to another and continue working on it? Or if I finish a work I began in one place in another? This creates a connection between the places and the work is exposed to/ shown in different contexts and structures.

I built Tarmac sentimental in and between two cities. It is about cars, movement and asphalt love. It is an attempt to capture my longing for the in-between in images and words.

Transit is the name for a place that lies between the one and the other and that actually bears something functional. It exists only because someone is moving from here or there or back. For me, however, it is more than that. For me, transit holds the wonder and the longing and also the undefined and fluid.