Sisters in crime riding a horse together

Duo work
with Paula Hoffmann


concrete, plaster, impact metal, screw clamps, wood, textile, aluminum composite, glass, plastic, wall paint
Dimensions variable

Part of the group show THINK & FEEL ! SPEAK & ACT !

Curator: Nadine Droste
Curatorial Assistant: Nikoloz Mamatsashvili
Photos: Lioba Kappel
Prints: Birgit Brandis
Installation support: André Friedel, Farina Mietchen
With „Sisters in crime riding a horse together“, the duo Paula Hoffmann & Laura Mahnke celebrate joint artistic production and complicity. Their installation, which was created for the exhibition at ICAT, has two flags with the inscription YES at its center. The flag as a symbol of national affiliation and thus also of territorial demarcation becomes the bearer of a commitment to one another. The artists transfer the proclamation to say yes to each other to objects whose outlines are based on the rear shapes of their cars and are attached to transparent foils in the style of rear stickers. Here and in an arrangement of wedding cans, heart-shaped balloons, champagne glasses and a ring box, there is an explicit allusion to a wedding – a tribute to collective work and the empowerment of female artists.