Group show with Asma Ben Slama, Teresa Hoffmann, Carolin Martin, Helli Müller, Joana Owona and myself as curator & artist
June 2 to 16, 2023, MOM Art Space, Hamburg Part 1/3 of Cake & Cash and Friends

Joana Owona

Excerpt from our writing exercise THE UNDERGROUND CURRENT OF MILK

I’ll be so kind and share the recipe with you:

1 teaspoon leg hair
1 cup of milk’s skin
2 cups of stone dust
1 tablespoon rust
3 teaspoons steel powder
1 cup of melted sugar
1 sheet of leather (shredded)
2 straws of straw
1 cowboy boot (shredded)
4 cups of motor oil

Mix with hand until combined.
Bake until kind of burned.



Asma Ben Slama
Doggy dog
Moving Bites
Aluminum, black acrylic paint
Various dimensions

Teresa Hoffmann
Looking for the Cowboys
Video 5 min

Carolin Martin
Just another gift
Book, candy apples, hair, straw

Helli Müller
Ciao Bello!
In the church of Santa Maria Della Vita in Bologna, seven people lament the death of Christ. Three of them are called Mary.
Silkscreen print on paper and single hair behind glass

Joana Atemengue Owona
I lost my body
Limestone, Kanekalon Hair
127 x 80 x 60 cm

Laura Mahnke
I lie on the sofa still my heart beats fast
UV print on fake leather, 104 x 146 cm
Stoneware, rust, various dimensions