Exhibition series / Micro artist residency / Bar at Galerie LADØNS, Hamburg


Artists in residency:
Thilda Craquelin & Zoé Ledoux                     (10/9 – 10/23/2022)
Cora Marin (10/23 – 10/30/2022)
Lowri Whiskerd (10/30 – 11/5/2022)
Sound artists:
Julia Koch
Alexandra Tretter
Eliza Wagener
Nicolas Wujek
Graphic design:
Wiebke Grieshop
Bar design:
Paula Hoffmann
Supported by Zentrum Gender & Diversity Hamburg, HFBK Hamburg and Karl H. Ditze Stiftung

DIENST was a temporary low-budget institution run by women only that hosted the exhibition series „Schatz ich kann nicht, ich bin im Dienst“(„Honey I can’t, I’m on duty“). It combined a studio visible through the shop window with a bar scenario in the back room. The involved artists were from different European countries and had recently graduated from or are still studying at art schools in England, France and Germany.

In the front room, visible from the street, 4 invited female artists spent a one-week micro-residency and received a basic income for it.
On weekdays Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., the artists produced artworks. Exhibition openings were held every Friday. The exhibitions could be visited throughout the weekend.

With a bar scenario in the back room, the symbolic place of precarious part-time jobs was directly integrated into the space of artistic production and at the same time established as a meeting place.

DIENST addressed and criticized the working conditions
in the visual arts and wanted to create a space for discourses about class, money, new concepts for a (financially) secure art production, fears,
needs and longings.